Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the hire of exhibition space at DIGITExpo. To read the general event terms and conditions for delegates, please see each event booking form.


 1) DIGITExpo (the “Event”) is an annual Technology Showcase, Business Conference & Expo. The Event is organised by the directors of Saltire Technology Events Ltd (the “Organisers”).

2) The Event takes place in The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (the EICC).

3) For the purpose of these terms and conditions:  references to the “Venue” are to the iteration of the Event at which the exhibition space is to be hired.

4) Anyone intending to hire or in fact hiring exhibition space at the Event (an “Exhibitor”) undertakes that they (together with any employees, partners, or others associated with them) will: a) comply with any terms and conditions specified by the management of the Venue to the extent that they are communicated to the Exhibitor either prior to or during the Event; and b) comply with any reasonable instructions given by the management of the Venue to the Exhibitor or any employee, partner or associate of the Exhibitor either prior to or during the Event as though any such terms and conditions or instructions were incorporated into these terms and conditions.

5) These terms and conditions shall be subject to the laws of Scotland.

6) All matters and questions not covered by these terms are subject to the decision of the Organisers. Exhibitors agree to abide by and conform to all additional rules and regulations from time to time adopted or prescribed by the Organisers for the management of the Event.


7) The following procedures should be followed when booking exhibition space: a) Intending Exhibitors should contact Ray Bugg in the first instance by e-mail to ray@digit.fyi stating their preferences (if any) as to type or location of stand, and confirming the amount of exhibition space they are seeking. b) The Organisers will acknowledge receipt of the e-mail / letter and either confirm that those requirements can be met or contact the intending Exhibitor to discuss alternative allocations. c) The Exhibitor should formally apply for exhibition space by completing the Booking Form. This form, must be printed off and signed and then scanned and emailed to ray@digit.fyi. d) The Organisers will acknowledge receipt of the Booking Form and issue an invoice.

8) Any special requirements (outwith the included items) should be placed by the Exhibitor via the Exhibitor Portal.


10) The due dates for payment are as follows: a) within 28 days of issue of the invoice to secure your stand. b) any additional features requested via the Exhibitor Portal e.g. additional furniture/ badge scanner, must be paid in full to the contractor Full Circle Events

11) Payment may be made using any of the methods specified on the quotation or subsequent invoice.

12) If an Exhibitor fails to pay the amount owed by the due date indicated on the invoice the Organisers will apply a late payment penalty of 5% of the amount outstanding. If the balance is not settled after a further 28 days an additional late payment penalty of 5% of the amount still outstanding will be added. If after a further 14 days the balance is not settled then the debt will be passed to a debt collection agency to pursue further. Any fees and charges that the pursuit of this debt involves will be added to the debt owed by the client.

13) Access to the Venue for setup will be available between 3pm and 10pm – 6th November immediately prior to the Event and 06.30am – 08.30am on the day of the Event. The Exhibitor must ensure that their stand is fully set up by 08.30am on the day of the Event.

14) An Exhibitor must ensure that their stand is manned during the periods open to the public

15) If an Exhibitor fails to set up and man a stand by 08.30am on 7th November the Organisers reserve the right to use the exhibition space hired by the Exhibitor for the Organisers’ own purposes including without limitation renting out the exhibition space to another Exhibitor without allowance or refund to the defaulting Exhibitor.

16) At the conclusion of the Event Exhibitors must vacate the Venue and ensure that all of their belongings have been removed from the Venue by 6pm


17) Exhibitors are responsible for the safety and appropriateness of all merchandise and promotional and other material displayed and sales activity taking place within their stand. a) If the Organisers in their absolute discretion consider that any material displayed or activities undertaken: i) pose risks to the health and safety of Exhibitors and others attending the Event; and/or ii) contravene the terms and conditions of the venue as appropriate; and/or iii) may cause damage to the structure or any part of the fabric of the Venue; and/or iv) are likely to cause offense or distress to other Exhibitors, EXPO volunteers or members of the public attending the Event and/or v) are unsuitable for an Event. The Organisers will request the Exhibitor to cease any such activities and remove any offending items from the Venue. b) If an Exhibitor fails to cease any such activities or remove any such offending items when requested to do so the Organisers may take any one or more of the following actions: i) removing or procuring the removal of any such offending material from the Venue. ii) ejecting the Exhibitor or any partner, employee or other associate of the Exhibitor from the Event, iii) revoking the Exhibitor’s hire of the stand in which case the Organisers reserve the right to use the exhibition space for its own purposes including without limitation permitting the Exhibitor’s stand to be used by another Exhibitor without allowance or refund to the defaulting Exhibitor. iii) Iii) The Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any Exhibitor or any partner, employee or associate of an Exhibitor if they in their absolute discretion decide the trader is attempting to display materials of dangerous or objectionable nature. iv) IV) Any Exhibitor who is uncertain as to the appropriateness or acceptability of any materials or activities should discuss his or her concerns with the Organisers in advance of the Event. v) c) The Event attracts a wide range of Attendees of all ages and the Organisers aim to provide a safe environment in which all Attendees as well as those attending as traders, volunteers, or Venue staff may enjoy the opportunity to see, play and buy the widest range of games. In order for the safe environment to be maintained we would like to ask all attendees to read and take note of the types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable and would not be tolerated at DIGITExpo: • Use of bad language, verbal abuse or swearing at other attendees, exhibitors, Venue Staff, DIGIT Staff and volunteers. • Any physical violence towards attendees, exhibitors, Venue Staff, DIGIT Staff and volunteers, including pushing or shoving. • Racial abuse, sexual harassment and intolerance due to gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. • Causing damage to the convention buildings, exhibitor stands and property of any attendees. • Disorderly behaviour due the influence of alcohol and drugs. d) If any exhibitor becomes aware of any activities that they do not consider appropriate they should in the first instance report their concerns to event staff anywhere in the Venue or at the Help Desk who will arrange an appropriate response.


18) No additional furniture or additional equipment (outwith that included at time of booking) will be provided to an Exhibitor as part of the stand fee.

19) Where additional equipment or furniture has been requested via the Exhibitor Portal, the Organisers will ensure that such equipment or furniture is obtained and made available at the Exhibitor’s stand in time for set-up.

20) All other equipment and furniture used by the Exhibitor, regardless of whether that equipment or furniture is brought by the Exhibitor to the Event or is obtained by contract between the Exhibitor and any contractor or supplier recommended by the Organisers, are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.

21) Exhibitors are responsible for arranging and paying for all fees and meeting all expenses in connection with the transport of display and sales materials to the Venue, moving the materials into and out of the Exhibitor’s allocated exhibition space, and assembling and disassembling displays.

22) Exhibitors may not sub-let or assign any of their allocated exhibition space without the prior written consent of the Organisers, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.


23) By submitting a Booking Form and applying to hire a stand at the Event an Exhibitor agrees to the use of the Exhibitor’s name on the Organisers’ website and in any promotional materials prepared or distributed by the Organisers in connection with the Event PROVIDED THAT such agreement extends only to including the Exhibitor’s details in a list of intending attendees. The Exhibitor accepts that any such materials may continue to be used incorporating the Exhibitor’s details even if the Exhibitor subsequently cancels a booking or fails to attend the Event for any reason.

24) Use of any product by any Exhibitor, their employee agent or associate containing the organisers name or logo is prohibited without the express written permission of the Organisers. Exhibitors agree that if any materials making such unauthorised use appear at the Event, the Organisers shall have the right to take possession of and destroy all such materials, as well as to pursue other available legal remedies.

25) The Organisers will exercise editorial control over any advertising material supplied by an Exhibitor for inclusion on the Organisers’ website or in the Event programme. All such material should be in accordance with the standards set out on the Organisers’ website and be suitable for an event aimed at a business audience.

26) Exhibitors may post and distribute their own promotional materials only from within their assigned exhibition space with the exception of Sponsors as specified in the Marketing section of this guide. Any Exhibitor who attempts to distribute material external to their stand will be liable to an additional fee appropriate to the level of their activity.

27) The Organisers reserve the right to require the removal of any materials which the Organisers deem to fall below those standards or be inappropriate for or even offensive to a business audience.

28) Exhibitors, their employees, agents or associates may not affix promotional materials in any part of the Venue save that expressly set aside for the purpose and indicated to Exhibitors by the Organisers.

29) The Organisers may choose to offer promotional programs outlined on the Organisers’ website and emailed to Exhibitors from time to time. By expressing a willingness, whether by e-mail or otherwise in writing, to take part in any such promotion an Exhibitor irrevocably undertakes to participate in that programme.


30) Exhibitors must not block aisles or fire doors, must not occupy any area outside their hired space, and must comply with any directions from the Organisers or the management of the venue as to access and storage.

31) The Organisers in conjunction with the management of the Venue will seek to control access to the Event and reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone, whether or not an Exhibitor or person connected with an Exhibitor, if the Organisers reasonably consider it necessary for the safety and comfort of other Exhibitors or members of the public attending the Event.

32) The Organisers will take out a suitable public liability insurance policy in relation to the Event. However this will not extend to insuring Exhibitors’ goods and display materials against theft or damage. Exhibitors are strongly advised to take out their own insurance to cover such risks.

33) Exhibitors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to the management and staff of the Venue resulting from Exhibitors’ displays or actions and are strongly advised to take out their own insurance to cover such risks.

34) The Organisers reserve the right to charge an Exhibitor for any loss or damage to any part of the structure or fabric of the Venue caused by any actions of the Exhibitor or the employee partner or other associate of an Exhibitor.


35) Exhibitors are responsible for removing all their waste.

36) The Organisers reserve the right to charge an Exhibitor in the event that waste is left within an Exhibitor’s stand for the cost of removing and disposing of such waste.


37) The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any compensation should acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond the Organiser’s reasonable control (a ‘Force Majeure Event’) prevent or delay the Exhibition from being held, or limit its size or modify its nature or otherwise cause the Organiser to fail to comply with its obligations under this Exhibition Contract. A Force Majeure Event shall include but not be limited to any of the following: acts of God (including floods and serious inclement weather), fire, industrial action, labour disputes, civil commotion, political or economic circumstances, voluntary or mandatory compliance with any law, non-performance by third-parties, unavailability of supplies, accidental damage, failure of technology, and interruption or failure of a utility service, including but not limited to electric power, water and gas.

Should it not be possible for the Exhibition to open, all rental fees shall remain the property of the Organiser up to a sum corresponding to the amounts for which it is already committed.

The Organiser reserves to the right to modify or complete at any time the provisions of the present regulations.

The Organiser reserves the right to assign the Exhibition Contract to any third party, and to subcontract ant or all of its rights and obligations under the Exhibition Contract to any third party.

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